Getting Down To Basics with Filming

A Lot Of Fun Work Goes Into Creating Short Films

One unique form of artistic expression are indie films. The world of Indie filmmaking is very diverse. The great thing about Indie filmmaking is that it doesn’t belong to one single group of people. Indie films can be made and enjoyed by any type of person anywhere in the world.

Short filmmakers are heavily controlled by their budgets. In order to be able to pay for things sometimes creative visions have to be limited. For that reason short filmmakers everywhere are always looking for ways to save money. There are interesting and creative ways to stay within your budget and still make a great short film.

Since recent digital upgrades with technology filmmaking are more accessible. A film can be shot and edited at very low cost. Even a feature-length film can be made within a strict budget. When the budget is modest an indie filmmaker can feel freer to make mistakes. Accidents can happen and scenes can be reshot. Indie films with large budgets might not be as fun to make as ones with tiny budgets.

When you know where the money is coming from you can actually begin pre-production. Your short films story should be ones that audiences will be moved by. You can write the screenplay or you can have somebody write it for you.

There are four parts of the screenplay were you should focus your attention. The four keys to success are quality dialogue, action, goals, and settings. Let’s take a closer look at how these four aspects of a screenplay will help an indie film succeed.

The goal needs to be identified for your character to come to life. A good goal is a clear goal. The reason is a clear goal can be calculated. If you want your audience invested they have to be able to tell if the character is doing well or poorly. Viewers will not be able to pay attention if you don’t have a specific goal. For example if a character simply wants to be left alone it might be difficult to tell when they are achieving their goal.

You’ll also, want to have quality actions taken by the characters. Your main characters will need to be taking action to keep the story going. The characters dialogue will need to be engaging as well.

Finally the setting is another opportunity to impress. You can have a normal setting or an absurd setting. You want to make sure that settings are enjoyable for the viewers to see. When movies are poorly shot in a boring or loud setting the story isn’t appreciated. A good filmmaker is like a magician and will sneak all of these elements in together.

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