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Advantages of Using Clawfoot Tubs

Perhaps one of the reasons that make clawfoot tubs quite popular is because of their elegant designs and their vintage nature. There are various reasons why you should consider using clawfoot tubs in your bathroom if you are looking to remodel your bathroom. The benefit of using clawfoot tubs for your bathroom are briefly highlighted below.

One of the benefits of using clawfoot tubs is that they give you so much freedom when it comes to things like placement in the bathroom since they are freestanding. Clawfoot tubs can be placed in the middle of the bathroom as well as perpendicular or parallel to the walls depending on how much space you have in your bathroom. The clawfoot tub can easily be placed in the middle of your bathroom and it will help it look like a centerpiece which can make your bathroom unique.

The plumbing works with clawfoot tubs is much easier compared to the other types of tubs available in the market. It is easy to use any plumbing fixtures that you want to go well with the clawfoot tub since installation of the plumbing works is quite easy. The plumbing fixtures can also be installed anywhere just like the tub and they do not have to lean against the wall which makes the installation of the plumbing works more flexible.

There is a lot of flexibility with clawfoot tubs since you cannot only be able to soak in them but you can be able to shower in them as well. With a clawfoot tub you can have telephone showers that ensure that if you prefer taking a shower you do not have to give up this pleasure too. It is easy to take a shower in a more relaxed position with a clawfoot tub since you can use telephone showers and not have to stand while you bathe.

When it comes to clawfoot tubs, you can also have options in terms of the materials that you want the tub to be built from. Materials such as powder coated cast can ensure that the tub hold together well compared to the traditional finishes. There is a lot of flexibility with your choice of tubs and you can be able to choose from an array of vintage tubs to modern ones and even a combination of both styles.

Cleaning the clawfoot tubs is much easier especially when it comes to the modern tubs than the traditional ones since it is easy to wash it on various angles and to wash it squeaky clean. You are able to clean anything on it comfortably when you have the clawfoot tub since it is slightly raised making it comfortable to wash anything on it. Since you have a flexible shower hose, you are at a much better position to easily clean things like pets.

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